How to Increase Productivity at Work

productivityA day has so many hours and therefore making the most out of your time is critical to achieving productivity. Being more productive, whether working in an office setting or at the roads with¬† isn’t rocket science, but it requires deliberation about how you manage your time. Being productive at work can be a bit difficult, but effectively managing your time is key to being productive.

Productivity involves a combination of focused efforts and intelligence planning. Every time the daily work ends, chances are that you are certainly not satisfied with what you have accomplished during the day. The good news is that productivity can be continuously improved, and here are the top ways you can achieve it.

Seek Help

When we talk about seeking help, we mean delegating tasks accordingly. Everyone needs help, and you should not labor to take a massive chunk of functions alone. To get help from others, you need to trust your colleagues in the guidance you get the work done. When delegating your tasks to colleagues, you need to tell them about the deadline to get more serious. When delegating tasks, you should also avail all helpful resources to your colleagues to help them feel comfortable about the task.

Avoid Distractions

Avoid getting stuck into unnecessary things including meeting. It may be very tempting to meet people out of the benefit of networking, but some meetings are not worth it. By the time you get to your desk, know which meetings are necessary to attend, and which ones to skip. In case your senior wants to have a one on one meeting with you, it is obviously going to be very important. Also, ensure meetings are adequately scheduled to avoid last minute rush and inconveniences. Stop getting distracted by the internet including social media.

Have a To-Do List

To-Do ListHave a to-do list of the tasks you need to do, starting from the simplest to the most complex. Put a lot of preference simple tasks to complete them the quickest before moving to complicated ones.  You can get more organized by using google task manager to sync tasks with Google Calendar, Gmail, and Google mobile app among others. If tasks are large, break them into smaller chunks. Put a timer on these tasks so that you do not lose focus on essential details. For your to-do list, review it occasionally to ensure that it is in line with what you want to achieve.

Take Breaks

A study from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center which is in Louisiana shows an exciting lifestyle habit of about 17000 men and women subjected through the research. This study shows that 54% of these people are more likely to die of heart attacks because of sitting all the day long. If you spend more than 8 hours on a desk with a decreased level of physical activities, you are doing your body much harm. Always take a break to engage in some form of physical activities to top up your energy levels.

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