How to Eat Clean and Healthy Every day

eat cleanAre you looking for a more inspired and principled way to eat? If you change on some of the unhealthy foods you take and start to eat clean, you will become healthier and feel better. You have probably heard about clean eating, but you might not have an idea of what it involves. Eating clean is all about eating more of the best and healthiest foods that can be found on the market. It also consists of eating less of the not so healthy meals on the shelves.

Eating clean means embracing whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It means you have to take the required proportions of proteins and fat and cut on refined grains, preservatives, and additives. You have to dish out unhealthy fats and unwanted amounts of salt and sugar. If you are looking forward to getting started in clean heating, here are the underlying principles.

Fruits and Vegetables

As far as fruits and vegetables are concerned, most people don’t get enough of them. Data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 76 percent of Americans do not get enough fruits every day. This data also indicates that 87 percent do not eat enough servings of vegetables.  If you eat more fruits and vegetables, you can significantly reduce the number of risks associated with chronic diseases. These diseases include high blood pressure, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and obesity. Fiber that is found in fruits and vegetables helps to keep micronutrients in check and reduce the risks if autoimmune diseases.

Take Whole Grains

Whole grainsThe cleanest whole grains are those who have not been processed. Think of these whole grains; Quinoa, rice, and oats. Most people avoid these whole grains and instead go for less healthy options such as wheat, pasts, bread among others. Do not be duped by claims of whole grains that are put up in labels. You will need to take a closer look at the ingredients contained in a packaging. Avoid refined carbs such as pasta, white bread, and sugar.

Eat Less Meat

Yes, you read it right; eat less meat.  Research shows that cutting back on meat and working towards becoming a vegan is an important decision you can make. Eating less meat can help you in reducing blood sugar and other risks of heart diseases. Eating more veggies helps in supplying you with the right amounts of fiber that your body needs.  If you have to eat meat, choose the lean cuts. You have to cut down on processed meats such as cold cuts, sausages, and bacon.

Avoid Processed Foods

We are not entirely opposing processed foods because when we cook at home, we are typically processing goods. However, most of the processed foods you can find on the market is processed beyond the recommended levels. Keep a keen eye on anything that has lots of sugar and refined grains as it is among the unhealthiest options. There are clean processed foods such as plain yogurt, whole-wheat pasta, cheese and packaged baby spinach. However, you have to be keen on any other processed foods out there. The main dangers of processed foods are exposure to BPA and other chemicals that are mostly found in plastics.



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