Harmful Effects of Taking Junk Foods

Junk foodsThe dark side of junk foods is a fact not well known. Numerous research has shown how junk foods and processed foods increase childhood obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and other chronic ailments. Junk foods do not do any good to our bodies. These foods create a lot of harm to ourselves, and their daily consumption eventually makes our brain weak and non-functional.

The side effects of taking junk foods are so strong that one doesn’t come out of it quickly. It is essential to keep track of the kind of food you make. Let us look at some side effects of taking junk foods;

Can Cause Memory and Learning Problems

According to a study published on the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it shows that healthy people who took junk for five days performed low and poorly on matters cognitive tests, which measured their attention, mood and speed. The conclusion from the research was that taking junk foods for only five days can have some disruptions and deterioration of your memory. This finding is from the fact that poor or toxic diet can cause specific chemical reactions that cause inflammation of the hippocampus area.

Increased Risk of Dementia

The risk of dementia has been one of the scariest discoveries that are associated with consumption of junk foods. Some of you might be aware that insulin is produced in the pancreas and aids with the transportation of glucose which is required to fuel the body. Insulin is also produced in the brain where it works on transporting signals between nerve cells and the formation of memories. Studies show that too many fatty foods and use of sweets can substantially lead to an increase of insulin levels in the body.

Lessons One Ability to Control Appetite

Excessive consumption of fat that is found in processed and fried foods may send mixed signals to the brain which makes it quite difficult to process what you have eaten and control of your hunger. This is the simple fact why you end up overeating. A healthy brain function requires a daily dosage of essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and omega 6. Deficiency of these two vital elements may lead to an increased risk of attention deficit disorder, bipolar disorder, dementia and other brain-related problems.

Inpatient and Uncontrolled Cravings

Eating sugary products such as doughnuts or a cupcake may have a quick spike your blood sugar levels. This spike makes you feel very happy and satisfied. However, as soon as the levels return to the required normal, you are left feeling more irritable. Furthermore, fast foods are fully packed with refined carbohydrates which may cause your blood sugar levels to fluctuate uncontrollably. If your blood sugar levels get to a very low level, it may cause confusion, fatigue, and anxiety. With high levels of sugar and fats in the body, you tend to eat too fast and quick to satisfy your cravings. Fast foods are specially designed to be quite addictive due to their high levels of sugars, salts, and fats.

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